Tai Chi Wu Style: Master JIN Ye +44-7866945991

Dr JIN’s Qi Gong always makes me feel relaxed, refreshed and relaxed even if I am tired when I begin the class! It’s like magic. Wu Style Tai Chi is very gentle and soft to practise, and it is good for my muscle and joints.

I have been practising Wu Style Qi-Gong and Tai Chi with Dr Ye JIN in Huddersfield at her YINGHUA WU STYLE TAI CHI QUAN SCHOOL since year 2009. I have enjoyed benefits achieved physically and mentally through so many years Tai Chi & Qi Gong exercise with Dr JIN.

It’s wonderful to have a teacher of such outstanding lineage who has the knowledge and sensitivity to enable us students to perform Wu Style Tai Chi in the best and most effective way we can. 

More new learners now are joining Dr JIN’s ZOOM classes online.

—-Barbara Campbell